OneDrive app keeps crashing

 How to Fix  OneDrive app keeps crashing

  • With OneDrive, you can easily sync  your  data  and personal  files  with your cloud service.
  • If you're trying to sync folders to OneDrive and the app keeps crashing, keep reading.
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OneDrive application

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If you use OneDrive to store your data and keep your files safe, you already know that you can also sync your data automatically right from your Windows 10 device.

One thing that might be causing you problems is that Microsoft releases important bug fixes from time to time that can interfere with your OneDrive.

Users are complaining that due to some updates, their OneDrive app is stuck when syncing some folders.

Leave your comment below and let us know if you had this issue and if installing this update solves the issue for you. If not, we will try to find other possible solutions together.

What can I do if OneDrive crashes or freezes when syncing files?

  1. Use third party software
  2. Install the latest Windows updates
  3. Disable conflicting processes
  4. Check file / folder size
  5. Additional solutions

1. Use third party software

If you are looking for the  best OneDrive alternative with blazing speed, then  we think you should take a closer look at Sync.

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Even if those you want to share your files with don't have a Sync account, that's okay. Once you grant them access, anyone can view and work with the same folders.

Sync backs up your data in one centralized location, making it easy to access. And if you are using Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android, you can take advantage of all the Sync features.



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2. Install the latest Windows updates

check for updatesRunning the latest Windows updates is required for your OneDrive app.

Make sure your computer has the latest version of Windows 10 by going to Settings > Windows Update > and then click the Check for Updates button.

3. Disable conflicting processes

msconfig in Runtime - Silhouette not updating

  1. Go to Start > type msconfig > hit Enter.
  2. Go to System Configuration > click on the  Services tab.
  3. Check the Hide all Microsoft services check box> click Disable all .hide all Microsoft services
  4. Go to Launch tab> Open Task Manager .
  5. Select each startup item> click Deny > close Task Manager > start computer again .

disable startup programs

Sometimes, various apps and programs can prevent your OneDrive app from syncing your files and folders, or even cause it to crash.

For this reason, the safest solution is to clean boot your computer to use only a minimal set of drivers and programs.

4. Check the file / folder size

one stop disk

OneDrive also has file size limits. This means that you cannot sync a file or folder that is larger than 10 GB. If the problem folder is larger than 10 GB, you need to compress it using some of the file compression tools listed in this guide .

5. Explore some additional solutions

  1. Make sure you have enough disk space as synchronization errors often occur when disk space is low.
  2. Restart the sync process.
  3. Reconnect your OneDrive account and try syncing the folder again.
  4. Reset OneDrive.

We hope one of these solutions helped you fix your OneDrive sync issue. Let us know in the comments area below which one worked best for you.

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