Google Pixel 7 is leaking. This is a revolution!

A race to make the best invisible camera on smartphones begins, where Xiaomi , TCL or Samsung have already made their first advances and Google does not want to be left behind. What will be a trend in 2022 and the coming years involves a comprehensive study, which is already included in many divisions of the best manufacturers.

Google Pixel 7 is leaking

The first step to Google Pixel 7

The star smart phones 2021 for Google are Pixel 6 and of course google Pixel 6 Pro with their cameras as a reference. After showing that it has a lot to offer to the market, even developing its own processor under the name Google Tensor, the next step seems clear. The invisible camera is the target of Google.

google pixel patent on camera invisible

According to the revealed images of the patent, Google's idea is trying to house various sensors on top of the smartphone. The first to sit on the left side would be the light sensor, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen, while on the right side we would have those responsible for photographing or recording video. Since there are no problems taking up space, the patent shows up to 2 cameras, such as those offered by the Huawei P40 Pro, but without the desired invisibility.

The screen would be specially designed to let in light, image and colors. It's not too clear if it will do so by splitting the pixels, which gives a different look as we approach the screen or you use a different mechanism. We remember that Google does not use face unlocking in its latest high-end and therefore there are no traces of sensors focused specifically on what Apple does.xiaomi,samsung,android,iphone

google pixel 7 koncept

If it becomes a reality, Pixel 7 could see the light of day in mid-October , release android 13. Right now it seems far away, even though it has several months of development ahead of it and Google is certainly not the only one working on it. Before, we could see the new Galaxy Fold, which probably also improves what is offered up to the crowd to make the front lenses completely invisible.

The renderings developed by the web make us dream of a futuristic smartphone and there is no doubt that this is what we would like to find. Little else we will know until now about this future model, to be able to wait for a second Google Pixel Tensor 2.0, cameras if possible even more improved and maybe a worthy fast charge. However, this can make the Pixel 7 an unattainable model for its price. A little at a time, Google wants to gain a foothold, but it should not forget the value for money, beyond innovation.

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